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About our Recreational Program

Welcome to Natomas Youth Soccer League Recreational Program!

Natomas Youth Soccer League (NYSL) provides families in our area with quality soccer experiences for all age groups. Primarily represented by South Natomas Area residents, although accepting of players from all over the Sacramento area, NYSL Recreational Program is a non-profit organization run by volunteers supporting all needs of the Club.

We offer two recreational programs which are the Fall (primary) Season and the Spring (Secondary) Season.  
Our aim is to offer a fun, recreational soccer experience for players of varying skill and age levels.

Fall Season Information:
The Fall Season has teams in the following age-groups: Under-6 (U06); Under-8 (U08); Under-10 (U10);
Under-12 (U12); Under-14 (U14); Under-16 (U16); and Under-19 (U19).   Please note that due to the number of registrations, the U16 and U19 age group may have to be combined to ensure that all players will be given an opportunity to play.  We will notify all parents in advance before this decision is made.

The players will develop fundamental soccer skills, as well as teamwork, respect, and sportsmanship. Every player who is registered to the program will be assigned to a team.  We realize that there are many new players that begin at this level and we want to provide as much information and some basic expectations for our families.

Registration Cost:
U06-U08 is $80.00
U10 and above is $105.00

Uniform Cost:
Complete uniform is $40.00.  This is not included in the registration cost listed above and is additional.  If a uniform was purchased last season, it is not necessary to purchase again unless a new size is needed.

Season Information:
Registration continues until the end of June and then the team building process begins.  With our new system, you receive email notifying you of the team placement.  We will make every attempt to honor the various team requests that are submitted but we cannot guarantee that all requests can be honored.  Please also keep in mind that some teams move up in age group and we mandated by USSF regulations to assign players properly.

There will be a "Meet and Greet" opportunity in July for coaches and players to meet.

Practice will begin in the beginning of August and are assigned by the coach's request.  

Depending on the age group, games will begin at the end of August or the beginning of September.  The U06 and U08 age groups are played in the South Natomas area.  The U10 and above age groups will be played in Natomas and other areas throughout the Sacramento and Elk Grove area.

Spring Information
The Spring Season begins in March following the Fall Season.  This is considered a secondary season.  All ages and team assignments are based on the previous Fall Season, not the Spring Season age.  This season is solely for fun and development.  We only offer spring play for the U06, U08, U10, U12 and U14 age groups.  Also, all teams are co-ed teams, so there will be both boys and girls playing.  Every team will have at least two girl players on the team.  Lastly, the U12 and U14 age group may combined to ensure that all players have an opportunity to play.

Registration Cost:
U06-U08 is $35.00
U10-U14 is $55.00
Unfortunately, there is no spring play for any players above U14.

Season Information:
Registration begins by end of January.

Practices begin at the beginning of March.

All games begin at the end of March and are played at our home fields in Natomas.

We are always in need of additional volunteers and support. Please contact us at the "Contact Us" link listed below, if you can provide any assistance. Thank you and we look forward to another successful season.


2019 Recreational Fall Key Dates:

Rosters Posted date for U14 Teams                                              By July 28

Rosters Posted date for U10-12 Teams                                              By Aug 2

Rosters Posted date for U6-U8 Teams                                              By Aug 3

Meet & Greet U14 at Practice Field                                                 July 30-Aug 2

Meet & Greet U10-12 at Northgate Park                                            Aug 7

Meet & Greet U6-U8 at Northgate Park                                            Aug 8

Practices start                                                                                         Week of Aug 12

U14 Seeding Tournament in East Sac                                                   Aug 10

U10 Seeding Tournament in Greenhaven                                   Aug 17

U12 Seeding Tournament in Natomas                                                        Aug 24

Season Starts                                                                                           Sept 7

Natomas Night at Sac Republic Game                                               Sept 28

Season Ends                                                                                            Nov 16


Roster Releases

Rosters will be posted on above listed dates.  Head Coaches will receive an email from the Disk’s Sports System indicating their team roster has been posted.  At the same time all parents will receive an email indicating the Team and coaches contact information.  To download the roster coaches must sign into their account.  Please follow the steps below:

Step 1: click

Step 2:  Login with the user name and password you defined when creating your account

Step 3: Click on Home

Step 4: Click on Team Central and select Team Directory from menu

Step 5: Enter your team’s name and click search.

Step 6: Click on roster and select Print Roster and define what you want printed on your roster.

Recreational Spring Season Q & A


Q. When will I hear from my child’s coach?

A. Coaches will start calling players as early as March 7th

Q. What if I don’t hear from a coach?

A. Please wait until Sunday evening

Q. When will practices start?

A. Practices should start March 11th if the parks are open. City Parks are generally closed if it rains the night before.

Q. How would I know what days practices are?

A. Your coach will let you know. 

Q. Where will we practice?

A. South Natomas Community Center or Tanzanite Park

Q. When is the first game?

A. March 23rd

Q. How do I purchase a uniform?

A. Spring is more relaxed and coaches will decide if they choose to use NYSL uniforms or arrange something different as long as the whole team’s uniforms are matching.Uniform purchase dates will be announced and will be first come first serve based on what is available for spring. 

Q. How can I find out the latest info?

A. Join our Facebook Page at Natomas Youth Soccer League